APOLAT LEGAL LAW FIRM offers a comprehensive suite of legal education and training services, because equip and enhance legal knowledge to clients that contributed to training high-quality human resources for the development of the client in the context of competition international.

Our team of lawyer has experience in serving high quality lectures to clients, agencies and industries specialized associations provide customers with regulatory knowledge pragmatic tied high theoretical foundation systematic law. In addition, courses for customers are designed based on specialized knowledge applied in specific operating conditions of our customers.

Some of the current legal training:

  • Training in labor law;
  • Training of commercial law;
  • Training negotiating and drafting contracts;
  • Training restrict business risks;
  • Training law on corporate governance;
  • Training according to specific requirements of each client.

Time & method of organizing

Our training packages range from one hour seminars to multi-day intensive workshops. We customize each session to meet your requirements in relation to timing, topics and the level of experience of the staff attending. Although we discuss the underlying theory and legislation in our training sessions, APOLAT LEGAL takes a practical and participative approach so that you and your staff can easily apply this knowledge within the context of your business.