With a team of lawyers and legal experts not only experienced in the specialized field of law, but also of language proficiency,APOLAT LEGAL have experience provides legal translation services to the major languages ​​in the world (Vietnamese, English, French, Korean, Japanese …). Our translation include but not limitn in the field of translation follows:

  • Joint venture contract, association, commercial contracts;
  • Documentation of the criminal / civil / commercial;
  • Business licenses, corporate charters, the financial statements of the business;
  • Legal documents relating to the Bid;
  • The legal documents relating to banking transactions;
  • Documentation of intellectual property such as patent description, a description of the industrial design, other materials on copyright, trademark;
  • Birth certificate, death certificate, marriage registration and divorce, notarized; …

The legal translation of us are reading and editing independently before hand over to clients to ensure the quality of services provided. Professional fastly translation services have been reviewed and guarante of the security by Management. Our professionals are recruited and trained to meet strict conditions and high professional level, there are at least 6 years of translation experience and pass a rigorous selection process.