One of the outstanding areas of APOLAT LEGAL is advice disputation resolution and represent to clients in proceedings in the courts as well as arbitrations. Not only propose solutions to resolve disputations and negotiations … we are advising clients determine how to choose the most appropriate disputation and guide the implementation of measures to resolve disputes practical replacement, supporting and representing clients to negotiate with partners for resolving disagreements quickly, protecting successfully rights and legitimate interests of clients.

Value of APOLAT LEGAL that contribute to client is an effectively combination between the evidence and arguments, monitor, control risks, damage and negotiation to help clients limit legal costs incurred during litigation and settle disputation quickly and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • Mediation: review contracts and related documents, consulting implementation process, consistent approach and negotiate with related parties before start of legal proceedings;
  • Legal representation: representing clients in courts, arbitrators and / or the competent authority;
  • Enforcement of the judgment or arbitration, or by other legal proceeding agencies.