Joined WTO since 2007, Vietnam is changing policies and laws on investment in order to attract foreign investment in Vietnam. However, foreign investors was closed control of state Agencies, they must perform complicatedly procedures than domestic investors. Additionally, overlapping legal systems makes investors difficulties in understanding and compliance with the provisions of law.

Constantly improve and enhance the legal system to support investors with favorable business environment, the Enterprise Law and the Investment Law have been issued in 2015 are surmounted shortcoming and facilitated favorable for foreign investors to operate in Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam is one of the investment attractive countries in the world.

Deeply understanding Law on Enterprise and Investment in Vietnam, APOLAT LEGAL is a veteran specialist in providing legal services to foreign investors entering the Vietnamese market and for domestic companies receiving investments from foreign parties. We have worked on many high profile projects in a wide range of industries. We can assist clients with our full complement of legal and business services or through targeted advice and support in certain phases of the investment process.

We will advise our clients of the most legally effective way to structure their deals, and perform due diligence with respect to their partners, potential locations and target companies or assets. Additionally, we will draft, review and comment on transaction documents, negotiate all terms of these documents on their behalf, and monitor the whole process of investment or withdrawal in order to protect clients from possible pitfalls. We longtime experience in this area gives us the foremost ability to deliver our clients the smoothest and most efficient approach to their investment projects.

We help Clients to improve their financial situation from tax perspective. The purpose of tax planning is to discover how to accomplish all of the other elements of a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning thus allows the other elements of a financial plan to interact more effectively by minimizing tax liability. We also help Clients to resolve tax issues in numerous transactions and liability challenges from tax authorities.