In the course of business operations, the enterprises often don’t pay appropriate attention to legal issues, can’t be identified that the enterprise have complied with the provisions of the law or not? Existing legal risks? Methods to surmount the risks? Until being checked State Agencies, sanctioned or disputes with customers, employees, the enterprises realized its shortcomings, but the consequences were incurred that why the remedy will face many difficult.

“Prevention is better than cure” method is always prevail in every field, the legal field isn’t exception. The Enterprises should actively study the law in all field, building procedures and forms for application of law to operation of enterprise.

Recognizing the demand on the enterprise, APOLAT LEGAL provide Building For Legal Structure Service to Review – Surmounte – Build a completely legal structure for the enterprise in accordance with the law of Vietnam with the main areas of Organizational structure, Business activity and Labor management.