A Prestigious Unit In Vietnam

APOLAT LEGAL is trusted by the domestic and foreign clients.

imagesWith a team of lawyers and legal specialists who have highly professional knowledge and seasoned experiences. Our professional competence and the quality of our service meet the standards equivalent to the foreign law firms operating in Vietnam and we have better advantage than those companies in many fields. The clients evaluate the consultant ideas which are provided by us about the issues have both high professional quality and practical effectiveness. We are committed to providing the best consultant service and satisfying with the most severe requirements of our customers.

Understanding Local Law

Unlike the legal systems in the world, in the legal system of Vietnam, the gap between the law and the reality of applying law is relatively large. This matter requires the lawyers in Vietnam both to understand the law and catch the managing policy (in written or unwritten) of the State of Vietnam. APOLAT LEGAL  owns the lawyers and jurists who have high skill, much experience and be able to evaluate legal risks for the clients in Vietnam and provide realistic solutions in order to eliminate or reduce to the maximum extent of such risks. By long-year experience and the ability of working well with the authorities and the Owned State Company, APOLAT LEGAL‘s lawyers understand the working methods and the managing targets of the appropriate authorities to support the clients in working with the authorities with the best effectiveness. Many foreign businessmen highly evaluate the knowledge of the local law of APOLAT LEGAL ’s lawyers who have helped the client’s projects to operate smoothly and not to be hindered by the complexity of the administrative procedures. APOLAT LEGAL has established closed relationships with the government agencies at both central and local levels. This special relationship is a highly valuable resource in order that APOLAT LEGAL can serve the clients with the best way.

The Capacity Of APOLAT LEGAL

APOLAT LEGAL ’s lawyers have the ability to provide the professionally legal consultancy services in Vietnam, including: as a representative of the clients before the courts and government agencies; negotiating with the appropriate authorities and other local partners; assisting in structuring and negotiating the transactions; dispute resolution and legal examining and verifying. APOLAT LEGAL  also provides the support services about the administrative procedures relating to the investment in Vietnam, including translating the commercial and legal documentations, working with the appropriate authorities, preparing the documents of applying for a permit, registration, notarizing and applying for the government agency’s approval relating to the project development, finance, real estate, intellectual property and tax.